TEA – That Exquisite Aroma

There is an interesting Chinese legend about the origin of tea, this legend makes it akin to the force of Gravitation. Yes! It’s true.In 2737 BC, Shen Nung a Chinese monarch was sitting under a tree and his servant was boiling water when some leaves from the tree blew into the water. The king being a deft herbalist, decided to try this accidental infusion. The tree was a Camellia sinensis, and the resulting drink was what we now call tea. This reminds me that Newton was also sitting under a tree when the apple fell on him and he came up with the law of gravitation. Shen Nung and Newton provided two vital elements to the world, one that keeps us awake and the other that keeps us standing. Basically, both are serving the same purpose.


The East India Company’s sailors were responsible for taking tea from East to the West. The first teahouse was established in 1652; it was called China Drink, Tchy, Tay, or tee. Catherine of Bragzania, a Portuguese princess, did a great service to this magical potion. She was a tea addict and got married to Charles II. This marriage brought tea to the courts of British Royalty. If you are a true tea connoisseur, then pack your bags and head over to Sri Lanka and get indulged into the picturesque Tea highlands. Nauwra Elya also known as “Little England” is reminiscent of the English Colonial Era with its colonial style cottages and Tudor style lodges. This British Country village is a heaven of tea plantations. You will enjoy the best cup of tea surrounded by the tea highlands.


My sister does not like tea and has never tasted tea but once. She was a four-year-old little girl. We went to a tea party and my Mother proudly told them that my kids; no, they don’t take tea. To her surprise, the little girl proved to be an ardent tea drinker. The true story begins after we came back home. No, don’t even ask, we are not going there. Tea has a little horror story of my childhood.


Tea was not an inspiration for me until the age of 21, but the dark age was soon over and I was head over heels in the habit of drinking tea, and now the blood might have turned into tea inside my body, don’t start calculating the years it actually takes effect. In my culture, events are celebrated, disputes are settled, relationships are decided, deaths are moaned, and hearts are won over a cup of caffeine. Tea It is definitely akin to the Force of Gravitation. It’s the force that binds families, friends, and communities together.

Published by Raazia Ali

A Geophysicist and an educator by profession and a photographer and a writer by choice. Photography is like capturing a time capsule and re-living it again and again. It creates memories full of emotions, love, passion, and nature around you. If you pick a photograph from the past it takes you back in time and you can see how time has shaped us and our surroundings.

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