The rising sun and the songs of birds, the spreading light over the dark blanket of the night! serene, oh so serene. Birds are getting ready to go out and search for food for their young ones, the ocean is glistening with the first rays of light, the harbor is setting the boats and kayaks for the enthusiasts ready to harness the waters of the ocean. There are peace and harmony in the air. The ocean is embracing the sun, it had waited the whole night to take this bliss. The cool breeze is touching the hearts and the warm sun is cuddling it to invigorate the soul. Every living thing is intoxicated with the gold dust, ready to take on a new day, a new beginning!!



Published by Raazia Ali

A Geophysicist and an educator by profession and a photographer and a writer by choice. Photography is like capturing a time capsule and re-living it again and again. It creates memories full of emotions, love, passion, and nature around you. If you pick a photograph from the past it takes you back in time and you can see how time has shaped us and our surroundings.

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